Super Wagyu Beef Patty (LIMITED)


~150g+- per piece

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Fat Butchery Exclusive wagyu beef patty.
WAHLAOEH, what thing is this wor? What meat is white color wor?
Sorry for scaring you, this is how our normal/usual wagyu beef patty looks like

Made by Fat Butchery from

  • 55% primary cuts of Australia Wagyu (Sirloin, Ribeye)
  • 10% Japan A5 fat and meat bits from Sirloin and Ribeye
  • 35% Australian Wagyu Chuck Eye Roll or Australian Black Angus primary cuts (Sirloin and Ribeye) for the beefiness
  • The value of this burger patty is WAY MORE THAN RM25.90

What is the end result?
A super juicy beef wagyu patty (ground meat) that has a very tender bite, the fragrance of Japanese A5 buttery taste, and yet at the same without losing the taste a beef patty should have. The beefiness.


Handling and storage

  • This product is made and vacuum packed in-store.
  • Each patty is individually quick frozen
  • Keep it frozen at -18degree, thaw overnight in the chiller to defrost
  • Consume within 48 hours of thawing. Do not refreeze.



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