Spain Olive Pork Belly Slices (橄榄猪肉)


220g +- per pack

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Who doesn’t love pork belly slices (五花肉) for their steamboat session?
Let us introduce you a even BETTER pork belly slices (五花肉), Spain Olive Pork Belly Slices.

What is Spain Olive Pork (西班牙橄榄猪肉)

  • These are ‘Spanish white pig’ that are being fed olive oil in their meals.
  • You will never find ‘boar taint’ (没有猪骚味) in these meat because they only choose female pig
  • This FAT is GOOD FAT



Handling and storage

  • This product are sliced and vacuum packed in store
  • Keep it frozen at -18degree, thaw overnight in chiller to defrost
  • Consume within 48 hours of thawing. Do not refreeze.

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Please do take note : We can’t answer you HOW MANY PIECES is in 1 pack, we calculate by weight, and our shabu/steamboat slices are thicker than most steamboat restaurant that serves paper thin/see through thickness.