Marinated Lamb Shoulder Chop



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Fat Butchery Exclusive Marinated Lamb Shoulder Chop

Back by popular demand, our young handsome chef improvised a K-style recipe, added fruits into it for a natural sweet taste to it.

Remember our motto? We don’t sell what we don’t eat.
High quality marinade used here on Australia imported lamb shoulder. Try it and you’ll know what we are talking about.

Handling and storage

  • Each pack consist of 1 piece of lamb shoulder, weight average 250g++ (not inclusive of marinade).
  • Recommended to thaw in fridge 36 hours before cooking (20 hours for defrosting, balance time for marinade to be absorbed into the lamb)
  • Recommended cooking method : BBQ / Pan Seared.
  • Air fryer friendly. Defrost as instruction above. Pre-heat air fryer for 3-4mins. Then proceed to put your lamb shoulder into the air fryer basket, cook it at 160°C for about 4-5 mins each side (Every air fryer timing is different, so, you will need to test it out)

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