Kaoribako (Surimi Crabstick)



火锅最好的配料, 生吃级天然成分制成雪蟹鱼糜

Experience the taste of Snow Crab Leg (ジャクソン’s note : I find it better than real snow crab leg)

Kaoribako, 香り箱 aka Surimi Crabstick is a crab-flavored surimi that is similar to crab. The shape, texture, taste, color, and juiciness have been reproduced to replicate Snow crab. Perfect as an ingredient for chirashizushi, sashimi or steamboat/shabu shabu.


  • 魚肉(アメリカ)、卵白、でん粉(小麦を含む)、かにエキス、食塩、発酵調味液、鶏卵、植物油(大豆を含む)/調味料(有機酸等)、トレハロース、加工でん粉、香料、トマト色素、パプリカ色素


  • Fish (Alaskan Pollock) as main ingredients, coloring are from fruits, tomato, color pigment (NATURAL)

Made in JAPAN.
This is the finest, sweetest, closest to the real thing that you can find in Malaysia
Take note : This is way different from flour with crab extract and red color food coloring. Nadaah, not even close.

Handling and storage

  • Items are IQF.
  • Thaw what you need
  • Consume within 48 hours of thawing.
  • Best enjoyed as it is, in other words, eat it raw.

Ready to eat out of box

  • Yes. You can eat it directly, sashimi style, it is perfectly safe.

For Sashimi

  • Thaw it a bit, put in your mouth, close your eyes, enjoy the sweetness

For steamboat/shabu shabu/火锅 or other general cooking

  • If you like it slightly warm, dip it in your pot for like 2-3 seconds. YES, 2-3 seconds, that’s all it needs.

For “Fine Dining” enjoyment

  • Top it with some caviar, ultra umami.


Link to it’s official website

If you need more recipes on how to cook this ultra sweet and yummy surimi crabstick apart from using it for steamboat/shabu shabu/火锅, click here