Iberico Pork Ribs


Try our Guinness marinade?

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Pork ribs from the yummiest Iberico Pork, can you imagine how will your bak kut teh or bbq pork ribs taste like?

This has higher fat contains than the usual pork ribs we have all our lives, it can be grilled without any marination and will taste superb, yummy, juicy and tender with Iberico’s original flavors.

We might also have the marinated with Guinness version, don’t miss it.

Handling and storage

  • The whole rack is around 2kg
  • 1kg size are cut and repack by us.
  • For marinated version, we will be packing it into smaller package of ~500g/pack
  • Thaw in chiller overnight.
  • Consume within 48 hours of thawing.

Recommended Cooking Method

  • Seasoned with sea salt, pepper, cajun, any herbs that you love
  • Or marinade it for few hours (you can buy the marinated version as well)
  • Put it in pre-heated oven (We use 180degree) for 40 minutes. Finish it with flame gun.