Iberico Pork Bolognaise Pasta


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Ready to eat Iberico Pork Bolognaise Pasta by Fat Butchery.

How does it compare with normal bolognaise? One sky one earth (一个天一个地)

What is so special about this?

  • Instead of normal pork, we used Iberico Pork Collar mince, high in flavor, balance fat and meat ratio
  • Iberico Pork enhance the taste of our tomato sauce by 12345678901112131415 times

Handling and storage

  • This Iberico Pork Bolognaise Pasta are cooked, packed, and frozen at our store
  • Items are individually vacuumed-pack in ‘cook-able’ nylon bag.
  • Boil water, put in the FROZEN pasta and FROZEN sauce (in it’s packaging) to the boiling water for 4 minutes-5 minutes
  • Check if it is warm enough for you. 
  • Mix together and ENJOY THE BEST PASTA 
  • OR you can choose thaw/defrost the pasta and sauce first.
  • then heat up the sauce in cooking pan, add in the pasta to the pan, mix it well 
  • AND MAKAN!!!

Fat Butchery




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