Hokkaido Scallop (Sashimi Grade)


ほたて | 生吃带子


Hokkaido Scallop that are 100% caught and processed in Hokkaido, Japan

JAPAN SIZE GRADING : L size ( 21-25 pieces per KG )

Dry packed. No chemical whitening, no fattening, 100% safe for sashimi (raw) consumption. Click here to learn more about scallops.
IQF (Individual Quick Frozen), so you can take out the number of pieces you need and consume
Top quality product used by HIGHEND Japanese restaurant in JAPAN

Important note :
This is REAL TOP QUALITY HOKKAIDO SCALLOP, caught and processed at Hokkaido, with super sweet sea freshness to it.
If you want white color, bland with fishball texture ‘Hokkaido scallops’ that comes from China, sorry, we don’t carry those.

Handling and storage

  • These Hokkaido scallop are IQF.
  • Thaw what you need
  • Consume within 48 hours of thawing.
  • Best cook medium rare.

For searing (how we do it at our shop)

  • 1.5 min each side on medium heat, HOT pan, serve immediately. It will be rare in the middle, browned and slightly crisp on the outside

For Sashimi

  • Thaw, slice it into 3-4 servings, eat

For steamboat/other general cooking

  • It might be too big as whole, recommended to slice it thinner into 3 servings
  • Add it in last, DO NOT OVERCOOK, you will be wasting it.

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