Fresh Winter Black Truffle – Plantin, France


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Great news for black truffle lover, now is season for winter black truffle (Tuber melanosporum or Perigord black truffle).

*Take note : This is an pre-order. Item arrives on Saturday*

Tuber Melanosporum also known as “PĂ©rigord Truffle”, “Black Diamond’ and such.
The biggest difference with the other 2 type of black truffle is the inside of it. Dark, black with spider web white color vein. During early season when it is still not mature yet, the inside of it is dark brownish or greyish in color. It has a very strong aroma and is more suitable for finishing touch instead of cooking application.

Handling and storage

  • Air-flown from France, arrival at our store is usually Monday-Wednesday the week after pre-order ends.
  • Being early season/first harvest, size of truffles are pretty random
  • Keep it in chiller, in a air-tight jar/container.
  • Covers it with kitchen towel/rice to absorb moisture (remember to check and change the towel often)
  • Use it within a week of receiving

Recommended Usage

  • Do not cook/expose to high heat for a prolong time 
  • Shaves over food at the end of preparation.

Some info on Types of Truffle