Far West Aust. Scallops


300g per packet

Australia scallop that are wild caught, in a sustainable and responsible fishing policy from Far West. They only harvests Ballot’s Saucer Scallop. Well known for its slightly salty and sweet flavour, firm texture and white colour, Ballot’s Saucer Scallop is the best choice scallop for all types of cuisine.

  • Individual Quick Frozen, 300g a pack
  • estimated 15-26 pcs in a packet
  • Dry Packed. No water or chemicals are added during the processing of the scallops. Click here to learn more

Taste Test by Fat Butchery’s Golden Mouth ; Almost as sweet as our real Japan Hokkaido Scallops, just that the size is much smaller, perfect for stir fry, steamboat or even quick sear.


Important note : Why is this scallop not pure white color and ‘flat’ or uniformly shaped? Because this is not low quality “scallops” that taste and feels like fishball. Learn the difference with this video (In Mandarin)

Handling and storage

  • These Australia Scallop are IQF (individual quick frozen).
  • Thaw what you need
  • Consume within 48 hours of thawing.
  • Best cook medium.

For searing (how we do it at our shop)

  • 20 secs each side on medium heat, HOT SIZZLING pan, serve immediately. It will be medium/medium well in the middle, browned and slightly crisp on the outside

For steamboat/other general cooking

  • Add it in last, DO NOT OVERCOOK, you will be wasting it.

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