Chilean Cod Fillet (Premium Quality)


200g+- per portion

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Cod fillet, 智利鳕鱼, from Chile, or to be more exact, Patagonian Tooth Fish, or commonly know as ‘Silver Cod’ for some in Malaysia and Singapore.
The more premium, yummier, better version of Cod when compared with Atlantic Cod/Greenland Cod/Black Cod etc etc.

Another common ‘misnamed’ seafood in Malaysia and Singapore, but when we want to eat ‘Cod Fish’, this is the ‘Cod’ that you will want. The fattier version, with firm and nice texture that we are used too.

Do take note, all our cod fillet are from bigger fish (7-10kg) which will have a better texture and bite. Probably what others call it premium, for us, it is a standard. **No Ice Glazing, Premium Quality**

Handling and storage

  • Items are processed in house.
  • Thaw it overnight in chiller.
  • Consume within 48 hours of thawing.