Champagne Vinegar – Clovis Reim


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This Clovis Reims champagne vinegar (Vinaigre de reims) is aged in oak barrels for 1 year in their cellar with respects to France champagne tradition. And the end result offers a finesse, woody bouquet that make it a unique product on the market.

Reims is home to one of France’s grandest cathedrals and also the capital of the beautiful region of Champagne. It’s no surprise then that it’s also the site of France’s premier vinegar manufacturers. This French Champagne vinegar boasts a crisp body with an aromatic bouquet.

Heir to the tradition vinaigriere and moutardiere, Charbonneaux-Bradant founded in 1797, continues with passion manufacturing vinegar and mustard.
Vinegars and mustards are made from selected raw materials and with a decent knowledge of the great French cuisine.
The ranges Clovis, Beaufor, and Percheron offer the greatest diversity of taste and pleasure to enjoy your food.

Ingredients: Wine vinegar, sulfites. 7% acidity
Storage: Cool place without exposing to heat or sunlight
How to use it: Champagne vinegar is lighter than normal white wine vinegar, it can be used as substitute of the later.
Best use a finishing applications use as mixing sauces, salad dressing, making vinaigrettes.