Types of truffle

To many of us, truffle is something that we are unfamiliar with.
Some knows it as ‘some kind of expensive mushroom’, some knows it as ‘something that grow in the ground that smells and very expensive’.
There are few types/species of truffle, different regions where it can be found, all these affect the smell, taste and most important, the price.

Autumn Truffle

Summer Black Truffle

Scientifically known as "Tuber aestivum var. aestivum". They look like the Winter Black truffle or Autumn Black truffle on the outside, with a roundish shape and dark brown skin. When you cut it open, the inside looks pretty 'bright' with yellowish-grey or light brown color. The smell and taste of it is very faint. More suitable for cooking application. It's price is also the lowest among the truffles. Normally available around Apr, May, June with pricing in range of RM1500-2500/kg

Autumn Truffle

Autumn Black Truffle

Known as "Tuber. aestivum var. uncinatum" or Burgundy Truffle.
From the outside, one can hardly differentiate it between Summer Black and this, it looks almost the same, but when it is cut open, the inside color will have differences. As for it's smell, it is stronger than summer truffle, but still lacking behind Winter Black Truffle (duh, obviously).
Available around the month of Aug,Sept, October and November with pricing ranging from RM2500-4000/kg

winter black truffle

Winter Black Truffle

Tuber Melanosporum also known as "Périgord Truffle", "Black Diamond' and such.
The biggest difference with the other 2 type of black truffle is the inside of it. Dark, black with spider web white color vein. During early season when it is still not mature yet, the inside of it is dark brownish or greyish in color. It has a very strong aroma and is more suitable for finishing touch instead of cooking application. Available from Nov onwards to Jan-Feb, pricing starts from about RM4000/kg onwards

Winter White Truffle

Winter White Truffle

The king of all truffle, Tuber Magnatum Pico, often called as “Piedmont Truffle” or the “White Truffle from Alba” or “Italian White Truffle”. The aroma is crazily strong. It is like an atomic bomb. That strong smells will fill up your whole kitchen or dining room. We can even smell it from a sealed foam box. This version of truffle are to be used for finishing touch (grate it, slice it on top of your cooked food). The pricing is on the higher side as well, touching 5 figure per KG. Depending on the size of it, it goes from RM20000-RM40000 per KG

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