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Cow has many different breeds. Generally, Angus is one of the better breed of cow that taste better while “wa-gyu” (和牛) means Japan-Cow. Wagyu is a very ‘general term’ as in Japan, ‘wagyu’ consist of 4 different breed, while outside of Japan, it is even more ‘grey’. To learn more, click here

Quick breakdown of cooking method into (1) Fast Cooking (Grill, Pan Sear, BBQ) and (2) Slow Cooking (Slow Roast, Smoke, Braised, etc).
Rule of thumbs, muscle that are not used much (i.e Sirloin, Ribeye and tenderloin) are suitable for fast cooking.
While muscles that are heavily used such as rump requires longer cooking time to break down all the fibers and soften the meat. To learn more, click here (work in progress)
Read this article for more information

Oxidation. When a piece of meat are freshly cut, it will have a nice bright reddish color to it due to the oxygen coming in contact with “myoglobin” that is inside the meat.. When it has been vacuumed pack, it will slowly turn darker (from bright red become ‘dull red’ or sometimes brownish) as oxygen are removed from the meat. A darken color meat does not necessary means that it is spoilt.

There is a 3 step method that you can use. 

  • SEE > First, look at the meat, does is have patches of black/dark brownish color on it.
  • TOUCH > Then use your hand/finger to touch it, does it feel slimy and sticky?
  • SMELL > And lastly, give it a quick sniff (smell it), if you are having problem bringing it near your nose because it smells so bad/rancid/sour-ish/ammonia-like-i-dont-want-to-smell-this-thing kind of smell, then it should be thrown away.



Yes, there are a lot of different scallops in the market. From very very cheap price to ultra expensive like ours. Some taste like fishball, some like cuttlefish, some like fishcake, some taste like scallops but lack of the sweetness it is suppose to have. READ THIS ARTICLE now

Uni comes from different countries, has different species and different grading. All of these affect the pricing. To know more, check out our article about UNI



Black Iberian Pig are natives to Spain, they are also called ‘Pata Negra’. Their diet of acorns and natural feeds that they find is what make their meat distinctively nutty, flavor and fatty. Their meat is super tender, flavor and juicy. If you already have a recipe that can make good pork dishes, try it with Iberico pork, you will be surprised!



We look like scammer meh? Generally, there are 3 types of Black Truffle, then there are Winter White, Chinese Truffle etc etc. Even between the same type of truffle, early season, peak, end season will affects is price and SMELL/TASTE. You could have bought a more expensive Winter Black last round, and now you got a Summer Black, these 2 can’t be compared. It is like asking a Perodua Viva race a Ferrari, right?
To learn more about different type of Truffle, click here

Fresh or chilled item in vacuum pack still has an ‘expiry date’. It won’t last forever even with a vacuum pack. It is recommended to be consumed within 3 days (best if can finish it immediately la). 
While for frozen items, with properly packaging at the right temperature, your meat/seafood can last for few months. For a more detailed article, CLICK HERE AND READ

We will definitely recommend using Cast Iron Pan over anything else as they are non-stick, last a long time, add iron to your food, and many more benefits but you do need to ‘take care’ of it. Read more here 

We very noob, bought our first air fryer, don’t know head, don’t know tail. Did some test here and there, check it out