How We Works

We understand that some might not know who we are, why are we so confident with our products, shipping and delivery methods. We will try to convince you here.

Who are we?

Fat Butchery, opened their door on May 2018, dealing with some of the most expensive food ingredients in Johor Bahru, bringing it to retail shelves.
What you asked? Award winning Marbling 5+ Angus, award winning marbling 12, fullblood wagyu from Australia that cost more than a Japanese A5. Top quality CHILLED Japanese A5 beef (mind you, everyone was selling frozen stuff that time), Live Hokkaido Uni (yes, LIVE), 250g wooden box Grade A Hokkaido Uni, Live Boston Lobster, Live French Oyster, caviars, saffron, white winter truffles, all those ‘funny funny’ stuffs that only appears in high end Fine Dine scene, we make it a norm, we priced it reasonably, competitors hate us, consumer loves us.

We ‘draw’ a simple image to help you. Refer to

Basically this e-store is just a extension to Fat Butchery, what we have in the retail shop, we will most probably have it here as well.
The most obvious difference will be the weighing/pricing system used.
We have to use a range/estimated weight-pricing here where in our retail store, the pricing are accurate according to the weight.

Not really, there might be small difference and we promise to be as accurate as we can AND if there are a big difference (in terms of pricing) we will definitely make it up to you, don’t worry. Or you could get more than you paid for.

If we told you that we have been doing a lot of real life test, will you believe us?
Apart from that, we have been delivering to customer across West Malaysia since May 2018.
The ice gel pack that we are using cost us about RM8/pc, it stay frozen for about 3 days at optimal condition. What is the optimal condition? The fuller the box, the lesser air, the longer it can stay frozen. So buy more!! (We will fill it with fillers to fill gaps if there are),

For local Johor Bahru delivery, we will be using on demand service where it should reach your house in 15-30 mins. In this case, we will usually put your orders in an aluminum foil bag with ice. If your orders are too big, it will be in a foam box.

All items listed here are in stock EXCEPT if it is marked pre-order/back order (such as Air-flown Hokkaido Uni)

For all outstation (out of Johor Bahru) (Kulai, Senai, Kota Tinggi, Iskandar Region/Gelang Patah etc etc, you guys are considered outstation, sorry) orders we received;

  • before 8PM (Monday to Friday), we will pack it on the same working day and send it to transport company tomorrow and it shall reach you the following day.
  • after 8PM (Monday to Thursday), it will be pack the next working day evening.
  • For orders placed after 8PM of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we will send it out on Monday and reaches you Tuesday.

For Johor Bahru customer/orders

  • Orders before 6pm will be sent out via on demand delivery service (Except Tuesday, any orders placed on Tuesday will be processed after 2PM of the next working day which will be Wednesday)
  • Self pickup is possible, but call us first, please, so that you don’t have to wait too long for it.