We are working with several transport company that are dealing with last mile delivery food frozen/chilled items.

Your items will be in the same condition it arrives at us, i.e chilled beef will be sent chilled to you, frozen stuff will be sent frozen to you. But for optimal precaution measure, we do ADVISE that you opt for “SEND IT FROZEN”‘, where we will freeze up the items (if applicable) and send it to you.

Check out our video on how we pack your orders and you will know understand why we are the best.

Yes, we deliver to A LOT of places in West Malaysia, check out the full list here (base on postcode)
RM10 for JB area [within 7km] (On demand delivery) [Same day or next delivery]
RM20 for out of JB (within Johor) [On demand to 2 days delivery by transport company, with high quality ice pack + thermal foam box]
RM35 for OUTSIDE JOHOR [2-3 days delivery by transport company, with high quality ice pack + thermal foam box]

We understand everybody love FREE DELIVERY. But do compare our prices with elsewhere, we didn’t markup our item prices so that we can ‘offer free delivery’ to you.
In fact, we are already subsidising part of the transportation cost.
Thermal foam box + thermal sheet + Techniice Ice Gel Pack (import from Australia) cost us about RM15 already 🙂
What we can do for you is a promise that we will deliver it to you as perfectly as it can be.

We are working hard to ensure you can get your items within 4 working days (Order > Pays > Start your countdown), if you are not in Johor Bahru.
For customer in Johor Bahru, you will get your items the same day or the next working day. 

Yes. You are more than welcomed to self pickup your items at our HQ at Fat Butchery (click for map and more details) . 
Remember to bring along your cooler bag or foam box. (We charge RM10 for foam box and ice if you need it from us)

Sorry, that we can’t help for now. Delivery route and timing are arranged by transporter. We will add in your notes of preferred timing request, but it is better if you could arrange someone to be ready to receive the goods or have it sent to a place where there are someone to receive it. 

Unpack/unbox immediately (take a video of unboxing too, we love unboxing videos, also can be your proof if there is any dispute) 
Chilled stuff goes to chiller. Frozen stuff goes to freezer. If you are hungry, just cook and eat it.
Learn more on item storage method and period over here

Contact us immediately, while you are at it, check out our return policy as well 

RETURN POLICY and Fat Butchery are VERY COMMITTED to make you smile, by delivering the finest products to your mouth. We sell what ourselves are willing to pay for, with that in mind, we hope that you will enjoy it at home too.

For missing or unsatisfactory items, please contact us immediately, preferably with picture or video of the said product, and we will work with you to make it right or issue you a credit.

We hope this guarantee allows you to shop with confidence in our quality, and in our commitment to serve you.

However, please note that refunds are done at our discretion and all decisions made are final. If the items delivered are in good condition, but you don’t like the taste, we will not be able to entertain your refund request. All refunds that are not in credits will be refunded to the original mode of payment. We cannot refund in any other way other than the original mode of payment. “