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About us, our story…


Power right this domain name?

We are not the new kid that pop up out of nowhere telling you we sell premium things for you to cook at home while not knowing how to handle the ingredients.

BUYMEATS.COM.MY is powered by Fat Butchery, who deals with premium meats, luxury food item, making it a norm in the market since 2018.
We have qualified CHEFS that can cook crazy good food (you can dine-in at our retail shop or at our sister restaurant, Prime Cuts by Fat Butchery which was establish on November 2019).

"premium to others, a standard for us"

Making premium a norm. YES! We bring in premium stuffs, priced it reasonable and make it like normal everyday stuffs. 
Compare all those “premium” stuffs you find else with our normal stuff, probably our normal stuffs are times better.

"we don't sell what we don't eat"

Why? We are consumer too, we know how sad and frustrating it is when we paid money and get shitty quality stuffs.

We hope that we can reach more of you foodies that love to cook at home with good quality food ingredient with this platform, delivering top quality stuff right at your doorstep

Don’t be shocked if half of our store is always SOLD OUT. We bring things in limited quantity to ensure freshness, try it and you will know what is premium, fresh, chilled beef (or any other food ingredients we have)

Check out our recipes/info zone section to learn more about us or click right here to contact us